Lenna is a conversational A.I.

a multi-billion parameter model, trained on a huge collection of conversations.
able to interact with users in a natural and intuitive way,
achieving expertise using a custom knowledge base.


Using Artificial Intelligence to enhance customer service.

Nowadays, delays in customer service and congestion in call centers are common. To alleviate these problems several solutions have been proposed. Chatbots and FAQ pages frequently are unable to fulfill customer needs and are counterintuitive.

Creative A.I. with field expertise might be the solution to finally, understand and help customers solve their problems instantly. Lenna is a data-driven system, built to replace intent-based chatbots and FAQ pages.

Expertise & Creativity

Lenna uses a knowledge base tailored for each application. That enables the generation of responses, for a given context, even for requests never seen before by the model.

Creative responses are not always beneficial. For instance, in finance creative responses should be mitigated and a bigger knowledge base is needed to get great results.


Lenna has been trained in a huge number of conversations and can handle a wide range of topics. Yet every use case has different needs. That doesn’t stop her from building expertise with a given knowledge base tailored for each application.

Knowledge Base

The goal is to make Greece one of the first EU countries which will gradually reduce disposable plastics.

What can be done to reduce disposable plastics?
You could use reusable bags and coffee cups. Avoid using plastic cutlery, and plastic straws and take part in recycling.

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Every response in the dialogue below is generated using the above knowledge base.

Lenna: Hi! How can I help you?

User: What do you believe about single use plastics?

Lenna: Single-use plastics are a huge problem.

User: why do you say so?

Lenna: Because we use a lot of them, and we don't really think about it.

User: I agree

Lenna: We need to change this.

User: I am seeing more and more progress being done. Watched your event the other day, congratulations...

Lenna: Thank you!

User: What did you like the most?

Lenna: The fact that we could share our ideas with people that are interested in the same topic.


In this example, Lenna responded successfully to a question never seen before using a small knowledge base. That is possible because she has been trained on data that includes similar topics. In this case environmental issues.


Lenna currently supports the English and the Greek language,
she can connect with your customers via

  • Web Widgets
  • Facebook & Messenger
  • Through API calls

and also has speech recognition and speech synthesis capabilities

  • English voice,

  • Greek voice,

Getting in touch

The project is still in development and will enter the pilot phase in January 2023. If you would like to evaluate the system’s capabilities on your service, please get in touch!